High John The Conqueror Incense

Also known simply as "High John" incense, made from the High John The Conqueror root.  Burn for success in all legal matters, or for any matter that may have a legal aspect to it, such as a new job, a contract-signing, a new business, a large purchases, etc.

Included in the Legal Success and Fast Divorce kits. Can also be combined with any of our other kits if there is a legal element involved. For example, if you use a Success Kit to make sure you close a business deal, you can use High John incense to ensure that all legal elements of the transaction go well. If you're starting a new business or job and use a Properity Kit, burn High John to ensure that everything goes well with your business arrangements and paperwork.

Each package contains 22 incense sticks.

2 Individually Wrapped Packs